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infornest guard patrolling software mobile
Attendance & Clocking for Security Guards

Infornest is a multi-functional app that has been designed to enhance the productivity of the security industry by providing different tools that automate the collection of data from security personnel on the ground….. Read More


VMS solution
What Makes Visitor Management Systems So Easy to Implement?

Cloud-based software with a simple interface. Anyone with a robust internet connection can govern it from any position. It can be operated by a receptionist or security guard… Read More

Visitor Management System Queue at counter
Types of Visitor Management Systems and Comparisons.

For simplicity, only three categories are considered: pen and paper, Types of native legacy software Cloud-based people….visitor management system has a lot of benefits, making its significance evident…Read More

5 reasons why you need a visitor management system
5 reasons why you need a visitor management system

A visitor management system that uses technology securely manage all visitor information according to PDPA to make sure that visitors can only see their own personal data… Read More

Gatekeeper Visitor Management System
What is a Visitor Management System?

A visitor management system is software that helps to trail the visitors in a building. It holds onto the identity of the visitor, rally their data, and provides them with authority over a particular sector of the building… Read More

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