Security Expert System aimed at efficiently streamlining your company processes in security management.
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Infornest features a wide variety of functionalities catered at improving daily operations in security organizations to provide a greater level of service.


Identify, authenticate and monitor your day-to-day security officer attendance

Clocking & Patrol

Schedule patrols with security officer checklists while easily tracking visited and skipped checkpoints with the use of NFC Tags.

Incident Reports

Craft and monitor Incidents and Occurrences real-time through acquiring background information with photo evidences.

Supervisory Check

Effectively monitor your entire worksite through a detailed checklist for supervisors, partnered with automated processes in managing site keys, equipments and visitors.

Inventory Checklist

Send out test responses to check site alertness and receive HQ updates or messages from the cloud through push notifications.

E-Learning & E-quiz

Create training sessions, add learning modules in multiple media formats and track participant attendance.

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Premiere Features

E-Learning Portal

Infornest e-Learning services provide security guards to access their educational materials and courses online anytime, anywhere. Infornest e-Learning offer a flexible and convenient way to learn, with a range of courses prepared by your admin. eLearning services often provide interactive features such as quizzes, downloadable materials and videos.

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We support both Web and Mobile App.

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Infornest Web

Infornest Web provides a way for streamlined monitoring, creating apt and real-time documentation counterparts for activities done by ground personnel. It allows the creation of multiple sites and checkpoints, report rendering with e-mail capabilities, registered device tracking and a stand-alone Visitor Management System.

Infornest Mobile

Infornest Mobile saves your security officers from the additional load that comes from manually filing paper reports, keeping track of everyday patrol routes with their corresponding checklists, to signing in visitors, requesting keys and equipment.

infornest guard patrolling software mobile screenshots
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Yes, we do allow customization to all the VMS according to our customer needs at a cost. You can reach out to our support team to find out more! Contact us here!

You may reach out to us to purchase the license and you can start your journey! Contact us!

No, The system is able to automatically pulled their previous entry records from the database. Your operators are only required to key in the details once.

Yes. The dashboard will show a list of cars/personnel which have overstay their allowed timing period.

Yes, you can do so as long as you can download all the previous records into a CSV or Excel file. Contact our support to find out more! Contact us!

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