Types of Visitor Management Systems and Comparisons

Types of Visitor Management Systems and Comparisons

For simplicity, only three categories are considered:

Not-so-good old-fashioned pen and paper

Types of native legacy software

Cloud-based people.

As a tech-savvy 21st-century resident, you can already guess from the names which types will offer you the greatest comfort, efficiency, and range of customizable elements. So why don’t we start building the good parts?


Sometimes all you need is a traditional pen and paper to get the job done smoothly. Once the visitor management system points this out, it never happens.

From the name alone, this visitor management system is easy to understand. Its dangers and drawbacks should be obvious to seasoned business owners.

Types of On-Premises Legacy Software

This type of visitor management system is a leap forward improvement over previous types due to it being digital. Last but not least, an electronic registration form means you no longer need to rely on the legibility of your visitor’s hasty handwriting.

This is not a boring list of major pitfalls, but a pen-and-paper rendering in action—you can spot all the mistakes yourself.

‍However, creating logs electronically rather than physically does not eliminate all the physical storage space you have to calculate with on-site software.

 They’ll basically replace the old paperback logs in the storage room with large hard drives that need power or cooling, and often maintenance, to keep the system running nice and dandy.

The cloud-primarily based totally type

The cloud—a remote, never-dozing garage area that you could get entry to everywhere within side the globe with WiFi. Seems like the sort of magical zone, doesn’t it? It even comes with soothing imagery.


The visitor management system has a lot of benefits, making its significance evident. The future growth of your company will only be hampered by not applying it now.

Visitor Management System Queue at counter
long queue at visitor management system counter
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