What is a Visitor Management System?

What is a Visitor Management System?

A visitor management system is software that helps to trail the visitors in a building. It holds onto the identity of the visitor, rally their data, and provides them with authority over a particular sector of the building.

The system can be used by security companies, Security Departments, and Building owners in Singapore to control and monitor visitors who enter and exit their premises. They can use it to identify potential threats or risks before they enter or leave the premises.

One of the visitor management systems that can be mentioned is the Gatekeeper.   

Gatekeeper Visitor Management System
Gatekeeper Visitor Management System

All guests who come to your premise can be accounted for and logged quickly with the help of an electronic visitor management system. The computerized visitor management system has replaced many establishments’ traditional paper visitor sign-in sheets or logbooks. Signing in guests is streamlined using electronic visitor management systems, and visitor tracking is simplified.

FlexiTek Visitor Management System Structure

Electronic visitor management systems replace paper sign-in sheets with digital ones. The guest introduces themselves by name to the front desk clerk. The receptionist checks the guest in by entering their name into the system and printing out a temporary visitor badge. The visitor hands the badge back to the receptionist as they leave, and the receptionist uses it to sign them out of the system.

What is a FlexiTek Visitor Management System?

The fundamental elements of an electronic visitor management system are as follows:

  • The electronic visitor management system couldn’t function without the software that manages visitors. This program would be added to an existing front desk PC in most establishments.
  • The small printer used exclusively for printing visitor badges is connected straight to the computer where the visitor management system software is installed.
  • You may use a card scanner to import a visitor’s business card or driver’s license data into your visitor management program as an extra feature. This streamlines the registration procedure and ensures that all relevant data is captured from each visitor. An optional byproduct of scanning a driver’s license is capturing the photo displayed there. The photo on your visitor badge might look just like this if you want it.
  • Attaching a camera to the computer (though not required) means that the visitor’s image can be captured by the system. The visitor badge could have this image if the host so chooses.
  • An electronic signature pad can be linked to the computer to collect the visitor’s signature (but this is optional). This is helpful if a non-disclosure agreement or other safety policy acknowledgment is needed from visitors before they are admitted. Signatures can be printed on visiting badges if so desired.
  • Connecting a barcode scanner to the computer is an optional step toward incorporating barcodes into the visitor control system. Signing out guests is a breeze thanks to the barcode scanner on their badges. Pre-registered guests who have printed their visitor confirmation email can sign in using this scanner.

The Value of FlexiTek Electronic Visitor Management System

The following advantages can be gained by switching to an electronic visitor management system from the more traditional method of manually signing in guests:

  • There will be a marked improvement in the precision and uniformity of the data collected from guests.
  • A photo ID badge featuring the guest in question can be printed in minutes.
  • Information about visitors is kept in a database, enabling easy generation of reports on their actions. These reports can determine who was present in the building at any moment and how many times each visitor has signed in and out. This data can aid in the investigation of security or safety incidents, as well as the auditing of vendor or contractor billings.
  • It is possible to generate reports detailing the current facility occupancy. In times of crisis or evacuation, this can be a lifesaver.
  • Information about visitors can be saved in the system so that they can sign in more quickly on subsequent visits.
  • Pre-registering guests in the system make sign-in easier when they arrive.
  • Photographs taken of visitors can help investigate any security incidents that may have occurred while they were on the premises.

Improvements to the FlexiTek Electronic Visitor Management System

The features above are standard in most computerized visitor management systems, although our system is also PDPA compliant.

The Singapore Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA) is a statute that regulates the acquisition, use, and disclosure of personal information by all private organizations.

The PDPA recognizes both the need to protect the personal information of persons and the need for organizations to gather, use, and disclose such information for legal and acceptable purposes.

To prevent the abuse of private information and keep people’s faith in the institutions that handle their data, a comprehensive data protection framework is essential.

By controlling the movement of personal data between organizations, the PDPA intends to bolster Singapore’s standing as a dependable economic hub.

As per the PDPA act, FlexiTek Visitor Management System is a relentless effort to guarantee that we comply with the numerous data protection duties whenever we engage in activities that involve the acquisition, use, or disclosure of personal data.  

Why Do You Need The FlexiTek Visitor Management System?

FlexiTek Visitor Management System is your office’s gatekeeper, ensuring that only authorized guests are allowed inside. You’ll be able to print badges for visitors so they can be easily recognized, and your employees can easily know who the visitor is. FlexiTek Visitor Management system’s value can’t be overstated when considering the many benefits it provides. Not incorporating it into your company can stunt its development down the road. To improve your company’s workflow, check out FlexiTek now.

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